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Волжский, ул. Ф. Г. Логинова, 123
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About us

The ZDM-Irrigation Sprinkler Plant is the only Russian manufacturer of premium sprinkler equipment for a full irrigation cycle: from sprinkler machines to pumping stations and pipelines. 


The plant's activity began in 2015 in the city of Volzhsky, Volgograd region, with the production of drum-type sprinkler machines based on a well-known European brand. In combination with proven solutions from foreign manufacturers and innovative ideas from Russian engineers, a reliable, durable and modern drum-type sprinkler was born. We have brought its guaranteed service life to 25 years, and the cost is significantly lower than imported analogues. We have made irrigation of fields simple and technologically advanced!

Our advantages
Over eight years of work, almost 400 ZDM sprinklers have been created and put into operation
Service life the ZDM sprinkler system is from 20 years old – an excellent investment!
ZDM sprinkler machines are certified and meet the conditions for receiving subsidies
ZDM products irrigate fields in Russia, Germany, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, DPR and Belarus
Use our irrigation systems even in rented fields: ZDM sprinklers and irrigation pipeline are fully mobile!
ZDM service engineers go to the place of operation of the equipment to carry out high-quality assembly and organization of the first watering

Our advantages

Our products

The company is constantly working to improve the design, as well as the development and launch of new modifications of irrigation equipment. At the moment, the ZDM-Irrigation Sprinkler Plant produces:
— ZDM circular sprinkler machines,
— ZDM front-type sprinklers,
— ZDM drum type sprinklers,
— ZDM sprinkler consoles with an irrigation band width of 30-98 m


ZDM sprinkler consoles



Pumping stations

Pipeline with BRS

How do I place an order?

The sales department of the ZDM-Irrigation Sprinkler Plant provides recommendations for each request, which allows our buyer to get the optimal selection of ZDM irrigation equipment on an individual basis: taking into account your landscape, climate, agricultural crops, availability of a water source and distance to it, the buyer's budget, the possibility of purchase, taking into account government subsidy programs land reclamation and other factors. We offer a full cycle of turnkey irrigation of fields! More information on how to buy a ZDM Sprinkler Machine.

Leave a request on the website or by phone
+7 (8443) 53-07-70
Get advice on the selection of ZDM equipment in accordance with your unique field conditions
By providing the coordinates of your field, you will receive a watering scheme and equipment calculation for free
Agreeing on a payment option (leasing, subsidizing), concluding a contract
Delivery. Commissioning of equipment, organization of the first irrigation at the irrigation site by the ZDM-Irrigation service


Factory News
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г. Волжский, ул. Ф. Г. Логинова, 123